At this place emerges a new website about the rich history of Special Coachbuilding. Please be patient, I have only just begun building the database.

A new website: COACHBUILDpedia.com. Why? Because it’s fun and I’ve already spent days, nights, weeks, months and years of labour of love in collecting as much info as possible on all Special Coachbuilding companies from past to present and their Special Coachbuilt cars for COACHBUILD.com.

Back in 2008 I created the website COACHBUILD.com which became a great success. Unfortunately, a few years ago, I lost that website to my former business partner when I sold all my shares in Vandenbrink Design BV to him. Since then there was nobody to maintain and update the Coachbuilders Database and the forum and my ex-partner simply put the website into a coma… It’s not dead, because it’s still online, but it has not been updated since too long. Which hurts…

So now I start all over. It will take a lot of time to catch up to the point where I left COACHBUILD.com but in the end (which will never be reached, because automotive history is being written every day) this new website will hopefully be better than the first.

COACHBUILDpedia.com is looking for sponsors, because building the Coachbuilders database with lots of pictures needs a reliable host and sufficient webspace, which of course comes with a cost… Would you or your company be interested in using COACHBUILDpedia.com as a platform to reach your audience/clientèle? Please mail me.

Best regards,
Michiel van den Brink